Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

Month: August 2019

Up till now Pakistan has been quite successful in presenting its narrative to the international community regarding the restoration of the identity of Kashmir as a “special autonomous state” that India had revoked in the recent past on August 05, 2019. It was followed by the cruel and inhumane comportment of Indian Armed Forces in the form of complete Lock down and detachment from the world by disconnecting the internet so that global community would not be able to see the true yet sad portrait of the malevolence, brutality and the blood shed that India has been carving out on the "piece of heaven" for almost 20 days so far.... Read More
After raising the voice of poor Kashmiris in UNSC , Pakistan has now decided to take the issue to the international court of justice (ICJ). The decision has been taken after reviewing all the legal aspects of the case and a team of highly qualified and competent lawyers will be engaged to present Pakistan's point of view on Kashmir in an effective manner.... Read More
The UNSC Meeting on Kashmir issue has not ended up with what Kashmiris, Islamabad and Beijing were expecting it to be. All of the three concerned parties were expecting that UNSC will push New Delhi to withdraw the Armed Troops from Kashmir and make life a bit easier and comfortable for the poor, vulnerable residents of the valley by deactivating the curfew that has been imposed on them for more than 12 days now.... Read More
So the UNSC meeting over Kashmir concluded with “no solid solution” as the council even failed to issue a statement that is the lowest level of action so far. As a matter of fact the whole world was looking forward to this particular meeting to come up with some strong directions for India to stop military action that has been in progress for several days making life even difficult for unarmed residents of the beautiful yet occupied Kashmir.... Read More
Finally the UN Security council has called in a meeting for a consultation on Kashmir issue on Friday 16, 2019. This is the first time after 50 years that any exclusive meeting is going to be held on Indian Occupied Kashmiralthough the dispute between India and Pakistan is 70 years old. ... Read More