Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

Month: September 2019

Three major duties of managers are planning, control and decision making. Planning is the first step and control comes after that. Decision making is the function performed on each level of activities. Decision making is the process of choosing among the alternatives. Alternatives are evaluated on the basis of relevant cost and benefits... Read More
Purchase of product through internet is known as online shopping. Online shopping has become a trend in present days. People like to purchase products online on just a small click. Several websites have been designed for online shopping; selling products of almost all brands. Some people do online shopping for fun, others because of their ease and convenience. Life has become so busy... Read More
“Sense of responsibility” is acknowledgement of one’s responsibilities. There is purpose in existence of everything in this universe. Although the nature and quantity of responsibilities may vary but all of us have to realize and respond to them. We can see animals living in a jungle; they understand their responsibilities towards others. ... Read More
Social media comprises of social sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram snapchat etc. People, who are addicted to social media become dumb and it affects their creativity. Social media contains different social sites like Facebook, twitter and Instagram that have made young generation attracted towards fantasy and increased the urge to live in fantasy. Risk of depression has increased... Read More
Main roles of Management of a business are planning, control and decision making. Effective planning is essential for achieving business targets. Unplanned and un-managed growth both in positive and negative terms causes major losses. Planning is important not only in reaching where business wants to stand but also controlling and managing business resources. ... Read More
Maintaining safe and healthy eating habits is very important in life. Psychologically humans are prone to stress and anxiety. Every human being is different having different eating habits as well as life style. Fitness is entirely different from being skinny or healthy. We use word “healthy” for fat people. The food we eat maintains our physical ... Read More
There comes a time in life when a person is in the worst situations of life. There is darkness everywhere; you feel that your whole life was a lie and everything around you is dark. There is no way out to deal with the situations and most important is that you feel that there is no benefit of solutions. This is merely concerned with feelings and emotions. ... Read More