Sun. Jan 29th, 2023

Month: December 2019

After looking deeply into the silence of world over human right abuses by Indian Government, Pakistan has decided to expand and extend its diplomatic efforts and strategies so as to present the true picture of India’s cruel and inhumane activities in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Meeting of the....... Read More
FBR has busted against a gang of 50 - 60 dishonest persons on account of issuing invoices against bogus companies resulting in of billions rupees tax fraud. Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation of FBR in Karachi has revealed a scam of tax evaders engaged in issuing and utilizing the benefits of fake & flying invoices with intentions to evade....... Read More
So the stage is all set at Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi where PPP is going to demonstrate its power show while observing the death anniversary of their beloved leader Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated in a gun and bomb attack at the same place upon her return after addressing a huge public gathering in relation with the general elections campaign..... Read More
In an important development, the names of 820,165 beneficiaries of BISP have been removed from the list being found undeserving. The data was re-evaluated after complaints from various cabinet members that the program was benefiting the supporters of PPP and was not meant for PTI supporters. ... Read More
PM Imran Khan declared 2020 the year of progress, prosperity, development, poverty reduction and job opportunities. He was addressing a ceremony in Islamabad on Tuesday that was held by Pakistan Post for its initiative about facilitating overseas Pakistanis that their remittances now could be delivered through 500 designated post offices...... Read More
As a major reform initiative; The World Bank has urged Pakistan to formulate procedures for creating harmony among various federating units of Pakistan regarding general sales tax on goods and services. World Bank is of the opinion that this will help in recovering almost 87%...... Read More
The opposition has again criticized the Government for another U-turn in the form of withdrawal from attending Kaula Lampur Summit calling it another evidence of immature and weak foreign policy. PPP member Nafisa Shah declared it an unacceptable move from the government..... Read More