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Month: April 2020

The law makers belonging to all parties in parliament demanded the conductance of a physical session instead of virtual session to avail the benefits in true sense. The said demand was raised in a virtual session of Special NA Committee meeting that was presided by Syed Fakhar Imam. All the members assured their extended support to Speaker National... Read More
In order to ensure the maximum supply of food in the local market, the Federal cabinet imposed a complete ban on exports of all edible items during lock down. Presided by PM Imran Khan, the cabinet also prohibited the export of chloroquine (anti-malaria drug) without permission of health ... Read More
The 18th amendment is quite into business these days and the ministers of the ruling party (PTI) have expressed their concerns for a number of times over its authorities and content and hinted reversal or repeal of the said amendment. The Federal Minister of planning and development, Asad Umar after pointing out some defects in the 18th ... Read More
The opposition is again in action for criticizing the Government for not yet issuing the forensic audit report of Sugar and Flour mills that the ruling party had promised to publicize on 25th April, 2020. A senior government official revealed that failure to find out the required forensic experts... Read More
The impacts of lock down due to Covid-19 are quite obviously devastating for all types of business and hence will contribute towards adversely affecting the overall economy of Pakistan and all of its provinces. Although the doctors are urging the government to implement curfew and complete lock down to control the spread of Corona Virus things are ... Read More
In an important development, the board of Utility Stores Corporation (USC) finally assured the workers union to implement the decisions that had been taken in October, 2018 and urged them to call off the countrywide strike. The workers of Utility Stores had gone on strike on last Friday due to non-responsive behavior of the Government and the USC ... Read More
While the people are not taking “Covid-19” seriously the doctors of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) on Thursday demanded the government and state institutions to impose a strict lock down in the whole country to curb the fatal pandemic. The president of PMA Dr. Ashraf Nizami along with other senior doctors shared the importance of ... Read More
According to the recent records of IMF, Pakistan will have to further reduce its development expenditure for the year 2020 by 34 pc to Rs. 953 billion that was estimated to be Rs. 1.437 trillion before the fatal outbreak of Covid-19. The cut has to be made as a rearrangement of funds so that the $ 6 billion Extended Fund Facility (EFF) could be ... Read More