Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Month: April 2020

FATF has confirmed that the decision about excluding Pakistan from its grey list would be made in the month of June, 2020 after reviewing its performance in the combat against money laundering and terror financing. The meeting is to be held in the city of Beijing (China) on June 21-26. The Global watchdog based in Paris had given Pakistan ... Read More
Finally, the government succeeded in convincing the court to turn the three and four star hotels into “quarantine centers” so as to keep the patients of Covid-19 for observation and treatment as the IHC passed an order in favor of the said step on Friday. The proposal was given to the Federal Government by the National Disaster Management ... Read More
The doctors in the province of Sindh claimed that they are forced to perform their duties at various hospitals against Corona Virus without any personal protective equipment (PPE), stipends and even food. The house officers and postgraduate trainees lodged complaints with the media about the behavior of hospital ... Read More
The confrontation between the federal government and the PMDC is on its way and it seems as if both the parties are not ready to reach a situation of compromise at all. While the employees of PMDC had succeeded in getting an order from IHC on Monday in their favor that had ended up ... Read More
Although the PM had announced the formation of Corona tiger force for the distribution of relief package to the poor community of the country who had been suffering directly from the Covid-19, the opposition parties after consulting mutually presented a charter of demands so as to... Read More