Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Anum Iqbal

Anum Iqbal has done Masters In English from NUML University and covers the areas of "Health and Fitness" and "Fashion and Style" for You can contact her at
Zoya Nasir, has become famous actress now a days, she earlier was a beautician. Ms.Nasir started her career as a protagonist of drama “Hania” together with Junaid Khan in which she played the role of a terrified wife of Junaid Khan, who was a fraud and cruel person and got a lot of appreciation ... Read More
The major discussion related to the topic is whether Modern people are rude or they are straight forward. First of all, we must realize the difference between the two. This all relates to behavioral psychology which studies observable behavior that plays role in person’s thoughts and actions. Straightforward person instead of beating around the bush says things direct and to the point... Read More
In past , mobile phones were used as a source of contact, but presently, the usage has been changed and converted into source of entertainment for people of all ages. The most important of all points is its impact on society. Society comprises of people of every age and when we talk about society it covers all the youngsters as well as the older ones. Impact of mobile phones on society ... Read More
By the time; several developments in shopping have taken place and the trend of shopping through Internet is rapidly increasing. People prefer online shopping for buying things through internet rather than going into stores and this is the basic reason that online shopping has become popular now a days. On one side it has made our life easy but on the other hand it goes with various problems. ... Read More
Fitness is of great importance for persons of all ages. We always say there is huge difference in being healthy and being skinny. Every skinny person is always unhealthy, however every healthy person is not always fit. A fit body has fit mind, if your body is not fit you can never have healthy and fit mind. Physical fitness has great impact on mind as well as brain performance... Read More
Purchase of product through internet is known as online shopping. Online shopping has become a trend in present days. People like to purchase products online on just a small click. Several websites have been designed for online shopping; selling products of almost all brands. Some people do online shopping for fun, others because of their ease and convenience. Life has become so busy... Read More
Social media comprises of social sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram snapchat etc. People, who are addicted to social media become dumb and it affects their creativity. Social media contains different social sites like Facebook, twitter and Instagram that have made young generation attracted towards fantasy and increased the urge to live in fantasy. Risk of depression has increased... Read More
Maintaining safe and healthy eating habits is very important in life. Psychologically humans are prone to stress and anxiety. Every human being is different having different eating habits as well as life style. Fitness is entirely different from being skinny or healthy. We use word “healthy” for fat people. The food we eat maintains our physical ... Read More