Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Bilal M. Malik

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Talking to the media he claimed that the PTI lawmakers in Punjab are all united and together under the leadership of PM Imran Khan. He and his government in Punjab is not facing any challenge. He also denied the existence of flour or sugar shortage crises in Punjab.... Read More
The flour crisis in the country has initiated a debate across the various segments of the society to find out who exactly is responsible for this situation that added to the hardships and sufferings of the Pakistanis who are already engaged in the combat of survival. All the political parties are busy in point scoring through blaming others ... Read More
In an important development, the treasury and opposition members are meeting on Monday today to reach a common point about the National Accountability (second amendment) Ordinance, 2019. The said amendments were “fired in the air under the signature” of President Dr. Arif Alvi on December 27, 2019 providing maximum....... Read More
The ruling and opposition parties are again on their way to blaming each other for problems and crises in the country. The same was witnessed in Senate on Friday on the issue of “gas shortage” when Sherry Rehman (PPP) alleged the Centre for intentionally creating hurdles for the Sindh government in the form of mis-apportionment of gas distribution...... Read More
KP Government once again turned down opposition’s demand for formulation of a parliamentary committee to conduct a forensic audit of irregularities in the signature project of PTI government, the Peshawar BRT. Speaker Mushtaq Ghani...... Read More
Although the first year of rule ended up with a lot of criticism for PTI over jobs, employment and poverty alleviation, the Government has assured the people that year 2020 would be the year of jobs and development. Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh in an interview said that the economic policies........ Read More
In an important development, the members of both the ruling and opposition parties in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly agreed to implement checks on the ‘luxury’ lifestyle of the bureaucracy in KP through the standing committee on administration. The matter was initiated by the women...... Read More
Significant changes in the taxation laws for providing concessions, reducing duties on importing low value mobiles & penalizing currency smugglers as promised with traders are being implemented by the government in form of a presidential ordinance. The said ordinance consisting of 24 pages, was notified on December 28, 2019 but was released to media on January 01, 2010. The government.... ... Read More
Although the Federal Cabinet had unanimously approved to make amendments in “Army Act” in connection with the extension of COAS’s tenure on Jan 01, 2020 that will be presented in the parliament for approval hopefully on Friday, the Government legal team meanwhile filed a petition with SC on Thursday (today) pleading for a stay order... Read More