Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

Saima Iqbal

Saima Iqbal is a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA) and covers corporate news for you can reach her through
Success of people in society is the fruit of efforts made by their parents. The journey is long and hard and parents sacrifice almost everything they have; for the better future and career of their kids. The best gift from parents to their kids is Education. Since ages; parents want to see their children to be more successful and educated from them.... Read More
What makes companies successful? – Profits. Profit is the life line of a successful business. Whether you start a small sole owner business with little investment or you establish a large company with huge capital investment; always remember that business will survive if it earns profits. All businesses grow gradually. ... Read More
Media is an important pillar of every society and therefore it plays a vital and influencing role in common people life. Impact of media on social values and culture cannot be denied at all. On the other hand it is the society that defines the limits and boundaries of media. Since it is something like a circular cycle so there should always be defined and clear guidelines to control media in any country.... Read More