Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Corporate Sector

To achieve the apparently unachievable high revenue target the government has taken a move to consult Mr. Haroon Akhtar Khan–a former senator of PML-N for providing his assistance in the matter. The high revenue target is troublesome in such a slow economy as Pakistan is currently having. The news of discussion with Mr. Khan has been..... Read More
Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has denied that any demand of “mini budget” was raised by IMF at conclusion of performance review. There were rumors that the demand had been made for bridging the shortfall in collection of revenues for the first 2 quarters of the current fiscal year. Sources say that the FBR officials said..... Read More
IMF staff mission has arrived for second review of performance of Pakistan under the bailout package of $6 billion. The mission will be here for 11 days. Bailout package was signed in the month of July last year followed by a shortfall in revenue in the first 7 months of the current fiscal year. Another disbursement amounting $450 million is....... Read More
DISCOS (The Power Distribution Companies) of WAPDA have initiated filing fresh petitions for increasing tariff under the newly introduced 2-part tariff mechanism. The intention for increasing tariff is for passing on full electricity costs to those consuming the electricity in a timely manner. The power companies are obligated for filing..... Read More
Good news about the investment by foreign companies in LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) was provided to the Parliamentary body. The said investment will be bringing a roughly estimated foreign direct investment of $500 million and will require no financial subsidy & off take guarantees from the government. ... Read More
Taking an important initiative, Prime Minister Imran Khan has formed a 4-member committee to probe the root cause of wheat shortage that has gripped the whole country in its claws and clutches in recent days. The notification reads that the committee will comprise of DG FIA (Head), a representative of the Intelligence Bureau (IB)....... Read More