Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

Corporate Sector

Reforms carried out by Pakistan Government regarding the ease of doing business in the country would help in creating jobs, generating more tax revenues and attract investments, David R. Malpass World Bank Group President said on Thursday.He appraised that government is making efforts to improve its ranking ... Read More
Pakistan is asking IMF to relax the terms for the $6 billion Extended Fund Facility and issuance of guarantees (Islamic and Euro bonds) to help raising over $4 billion from both international and domestic markets. The terms and conditions are related to Financial Action Task Force. Pakistan is trying to touch international capital markets.... Read More
A good news for the existing taxpayers; Government intends and is trying o save the existing taxpayers from any additional tax payments; claimed by Finance Adviser Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh in an informal briefing to the journalist. ... Read More
MF started discussion with Pakistan Government on about first quarterly review of $6 billion economic growth program. Situations are unsatisfactory with projection of inflation at 12.4%, 7.4pc fiscal deficit and higher debt levels; while revenues better in FY 2020. ... Read More
A good advancement in payment facility for online shopping is signing of an agreement between Unionpay which is one of the leading international bank card companies & (which is a brand of JW&FA Companies Pvt. Ltd.) and is a leading online shopping platform. ... Read More
Among the best of the country achievements in a year, is that Pakistan jumped 28 places and is now at the rank of 108 in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business index. Also it has been included in the club of world’s top 10 business climate improving countries. The World Bank said in a 2020 report ... Read More
Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) representation against the Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) findings regarding illegal gold trade and initiation of inquiry against tax officials has been rejected by the President Arif Alvi. Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera; the FTO, in exercise of his jurisdiction... Read More
Pakistan’s Financial Advisor Mr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh says that Pakistan is determined to meet the deadline given by FATF in terms of executing its plan of action against the money laundering and terrorist financing. Sharing his views... Read More
The government took initiative against benami asset holders in an enthusiastic way. However the drive has received a setback in the first three months of the current year due to dull response from the provinces. ... Read More