Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Corporate Sector

“Not dreams but these are the goals that make you successful” The world is a cluster of people who are indulged in spending a routine and average life without realizing and identifying the purpose of their existence and this is more or less similar to the other creatures living on the earth as they also don’t know the direction... Read More
Motivation is the urge to behave in a particular way. Employees now a days called as Human Resource, play a vital role in the success and profitability of a business. Motivated employees are the ones who are willing to work. They are not working as a duty. Rather they like their work. Motivated employees generate new ways to perform work.... Read More
Three major duties of managers are planning, control and decision making. Planning is the first step and control comes after that. Decision making is the function performed on each level of activities. Decision making is the process of choosing among the alternatives. Alternatives are evaluated on the basis of relevant cost and benefits... Read More
Main roles of Management of a business are planning, control and decision making. Effective planning is essential for achieving business targets. Unplanned and un-managed growth both in positive and negative terms causes major losses. Planning is important not only in reaching where business wants to stand but also controlling and managing business resources. ... Read More