Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

Fashion & Style

Zoya Nasir, has become famous actress now a days, she earlier was a beautician. Ms.Nasir started her career as a protagonist of drama “Hania” together with Junaid Khan in which she played the role of a terrified wife of Junaid Khan, who was a fraud and cruel person and got a lot of appreciation ... Read More
By the time; several developments in shopping have taken place and the trend of shopping through Internet is rapidly increasing. People prefer online shopping for buying things through internet rather than going into stores and this is the basic reason that online shopping has become popular now a days. On one side it has made our life easy but on the other hand it goes with various problems. ... Read More
Purchase of product through internet is known as online shopping. Online shopping has become a trend in present days. People like to purchase products online on just a small click. Several websites have been designed for online shopping; selling products of almost all brands. Some people do online shopping for fun, others because of their ease and convenience. Life has become so busy... Read More
Assigning a specific name and logo to a product is what we call a brand, and marketing of that specific brand is known as branding. Brand phobia is one of the major causes of over-spending. Branding is a way of attracting people to buy expensive products with less value for money. Branding is all about playing with the mindsets of humans as it is quite similar to hypnotizing males and females by attracting them.... Read More