Sun. Jan 29th, 2023

Health and Fitness

Fitness is of great importance for persons of all ages. We always say there is huge difference in being healthy and being skinny. Every skinny person is always unhealthy, however every healthy person is not always fit. A fit body has fit mind, if your body is not fit you can never have healthy and fit mind. Physical fitness has great impact on mind as well as brain performance... Read More
Maintaining safe and healthy eating habits is very important in life. Psychologically humans are prone to stress and anxiety. Every human being is different having different eating habits as well as life style. Fitness is entirely different from being skinny or healthy. We use word “healthy” for fat people. The food we eat maintains our physical ... Read More
Everybody wants to lose weight so as to look attractive and smart as well as healthy. In present days competition has been increased to a drastic level and every obese person is involved to know the best weight loss programs. The more eye-catching you look the more attraction you get. Being slim is one of the main reveling factors. ... Read More
Anorexia Nervosa is a psychological eating disorder, fear of gaining weight, which leads to starving. Sometimes it is life threatening to the person because of being extremely underweight. Anorexic persons lie about how much they have eaten and how much they weigh. They avoid eating with others. Often, they eat cutting their food into small meals.... Read More