Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

Social Issues

The major discussion related to the topic is whether Modern people are rude or they are straight forward. First of all, we must realize the difference between the two. This all relates to behavioral psychology which studies observable behavior that plays role in person’s thoughts and actions. Straightforward person instead of beating around the bush says things direct and to the point... Read More
In past , mobile phones were used as a source of contact, but presently, the usage has been changed and converted into source of entertainment for people of all ages. The most important of all points is its impact on society. Society comprises of people of every age and when we talk about society it covers all the youngsters as well as the older ones. Impact of mobile phones on society ... Read More
“Sense of responsibility” is acknowledgement of one’s responsibilities. There is purpose in existence of everything in this universe. Although the nature and quantity of responsibilities may vary but all of us have to realize and respond to them. We can see animals living in a jungle; they understand their responsibilities towards others. ... Read More
Social media comprises of social sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram snapchat etc. People, who are addicted to social media become dumb and it affects their creativity. Social media contains different social sites like Facebook, twitter and Instagram that have made young generation attracted towards fantasy and increased the urge to live in fantasy. Risk of depression has increased... Read More
There comes a time in life when a person is in the worst situations of life. There is darkness everywhere; you feel that your whole life was a lie and everything around you is dark. There is no way out to deal with the situations and most important is that you feel that there is no benefit of solutions. This is merely concerned with feelings and emotions. ... Read More
Making a right career choice is something that defines the direction of one’s life. This is the first decision a school leaving teenager should be able to take. Decision making is the process of choosing among the alternatives by evaluating benefits and costs associated with each alternative. Alternatives are then ranked and obviously the best alternative in the given situation should be preferred. ... Read More
Success of people in society is the fruit of efforts made by their parents. The journey is long and hard and parents sacrifice almost everything they have; for the better future and career of their kids. The best gift from parents to their kids is Education. Since ages; parents want to see their children to be more successful and educated from them.... Read More