Mon. Feb 24th, 2020
On Monday, PTI’s parliamentarians expressed their exasperation at “inefficiency” of Punjab Government in delivering services to the standard. They also criticized deficiencies in development works in the remote areas (tehsils and districts). They highlighted that the proposals by MNAs regarding...... Read More
IMF staff mission has arrived for second review of performance of Pakistan under the bailout package of $6 billion. The mission will be here for 11 days. Bailout package was signed in the month of July last year followed by a shortfall in revenue in the first 7 months of the current fiscal year. Another disbursement amounting $450 million is....... Read More
PTI led government is under intensive criticism these days for their political moves. Not only the opposition, but its own allies look stunned and dazed on the stance the ruling party has been observing with them. The political scenario has been ruled by uncertainty and improbability and an environment of insecurity has grabbed the country in its claws..... Read More
DISCOS (The Power Distribution Companies) of WAPDA have initiated filing fresh petitions for increasing tariff under the newly introduced 2-part tariff mechanism. The intention for increasing tariff is for passing on full electricity costs to those consuming the electricity in a timely manner. The power companies are obligated for filing..... Read More
Talking to the media he claimed that the PTI lawmakers in Punjab are all united and together under the leadership of PM Imran Khan. He and his government in Punjab is not facing any challenge. He also denied the existence of flour or sugar shortage crises in Punjab.... Read More
Good news about the investment by foreign companies in LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) was provided to the Parliamentary body. The said investment will be bringing a roughly estimated foreign direct investment of $500 million and will require no financial subsidy & off take guarantees from the government. ... Read More